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TCS Urban Design is an Architectural firm designing urban and residential designs, turning your imagination into tomorrow's stunning reality. We have an approach that drives us here at TCS Urban Design: being able to see through your lenses. We want to design precisely your mind, aspirations, and desires when thinking of your building structure. Our diverse team has the perfect background to create the ideal structure for you.


We welcome you to come part take in bringing your architectural design to the next level. Come check out our portfolio see our stunning work. 


Firmin - 31 Unit Apartment located in Los Angeles California. FAR: 44,160 sq.ft.

This stunning multi-family design can be found in a hidden gem of Los Angeles. The Architectural Design provides an exceptional design giving the residents easy access to key points in the city and a rooftop terrain that captures california's treasure.

1000 N. Edinburg - 6 Unit Apartment

West Hollywood, California


This remarkable 6 unit multi-family design provides you with the utmost comfortable yet modern style. Located in the very central area, gives residence access to the golden state's best spots.

Lorain - Residence - S.F.D

San Marino, California

The design was one of our team leader Ara's stunning single-family designs. This single-family residence has new additional 1,034 sq. ft addition to the existing SFD and a new 749 sq. ft of a car garage. Bringing yet another client's imagination to reality.



Quality Based

We pride ourselves in making all of our designs with quality in all steps necessary. All of our residents can feel the difference in the quality of our builds in every space.



All of our designs and spaces are meant to have lasting values. We strive to build areas that increase in value over time. Building homes that can grow with you.



We are dedicated to building your space the way you want it. No matter the project's scope or size, we will cater to our client's needs to provide the perfect living spaces.