TCS Urban design is an Architecture firm that specializes in quality residential and commercial spaces. We build luxury custom residences with sustainable materials and other quality materials sourced from trusted companies around. We have been building and providing luxurious spaces around the Los Angeles area for the last ten years and have raised above others in the industry with high quality and innovative designs that adapt to new ways of living introduced in today's age.

We focus on catering to all of our clients' needs before beginning a project and find the best possible solutions to provide the most sustainable and quality living space that has time-lasting values. We often get asked about the number of details we put into our work, and that's where we believe we can truly express and communicate with our clients to best understanding the final delivery.


With meticulous attention to detail,

we boast exquisite designs for our residential buildings and innovative fresh looks that combine the natures, seamlessly into our daily lives for all community spaces.

Multi Storey Building
Image by Alejandro Barba

We truly care for the living spaces we create as if they will be our own. 

From every room to the window seams to the moldings on the ceilings, we care for every single detail that makes up a room harmonious for its residents.


Our attention to detail doesn't stop at the physical things you can see. 

Everyone in the game knows the real details are needed during the city planning stage.

Luck for you, we cover that as well. 

We make sure our designs become a reality.

Image by Wesley Tingey